About Roofing Ltd are well known for providing quality roofing solutions for some of the more challenging projects in the area. Whether you are building your first home, an architecturally designed masterpiece or a commercial dwelling, About Roofing Ltd can offer you a fast and reliable service from an experienced and dedicated roofing team.



Residential roofing to us is putting roofs over families’ heads, from simply shades to architectural houses. They can be someone’s first home to the dream home that they have been planning for years. They can be built by group home compa- nies or builders; they all have a need for tight budgets and done on time.



Commercial properties cover a large range of projects from a single storey building to a large wintering barn of 9000m2. Examples of commercial projects we have worked on include pre-schools, churches, large machinery workshops, floating gold dregs and a retirement village of over 60 3 bedroom homes which is still growing.



Architectural roofing is to us a concept. We do our best to represent what the architect is trying to say in their drawings: their vision of design. It can be as simple as making the joins line up with the windows. It can be as hard as doing all the cladding with no fixings; where it is folded & bent in crazy lines and angles so when you stand back you ask the question – ‘how’?